Gennady Tkachenko-Papizh's television performance, competing on a talent show in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia, has been viewed on the internet over 73 million times and inspired more than 102,000 comments - mostly unbridles encomiums, with viewers gushing about the performance's "spiritual cosmic harmony," its "primordial eloquence" and its channeling of "a world where suffering has finished." There are also a few who question whether Gennady is, perhaps, an alien being used "as a vessel to deliver a message." 

Recently Gennady and Steve Last have teamed up and are in the process of producing an album due for release later this year. The album will feature Gennady's unique, mystical and ethereal vocal talents, embedded in breathtaking and exciting world beat arrangements...

1. "I Am A River"

I Am A River - Gennady.mp3

2. "Voices In The Air"

Voices In The Air - Gennady (2.1).mp3

3. "Return To Love"

Return To Love - Gennady.mp3

4. "Love Is All Around"

Love Is All Around - Gennady (master).mp3

5. "Mystic Forest"

Mystic Forest (Gennady 1.2).mp3

6. "Deep Breathing"

Gennady 2 - Deep Breathing.mp3

7. "The Yearning"

Gennady 3 - The Yearning.mp3